Flute Praise by Tommy Lopez of Charlotte, NC brings you smooth latin jazz music of his arrangements and compositions.

Philosophy Statement

Music has existed over the centuries as an expression of thought, emotion and culture. It has developed in western society to be as diverse as the society itself.  That is one of the reasons that Flutepraise.com exist.  We want to express the “thoughts of who we are” and our feelings of what God has done in our lives in the context of our diverse cultures. 

We also want to bring to the public a unique perspective of Praise and Worship music.  Society has a tendency of trying to “pigeon hole” musical styles.  What I mean is that individuals often don’t accept and or understand things that are “different” from what is expected.  This happens quite often with music.  If it is a certain style then it must be meant for a certain audience.  That is not what Flutepraise.com is.  We strive to be inclusive and diverse in our music all within the desire to honor God in gratitude for who He is and what He has done. That is the definition we subscribe to for the words “Praise and Worship”.

So what we try to bring to our listeners are examples of Joyful Noise, stories from our personal and musical histories, and sounds from our “Latin and Jazz” heritages.  You can listen to and order some of our music by going to our Home page.

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